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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Paula's very last blog post....

Aloha kakou!

I have had so much fun, and learned so much at Tern Island Field Station over the past three years.  I send sincere thanks to all the people who have worked to improve the station, the quality and effectiveness of our work there during this time -- as well as the hundreds of others who have done so in the past.  A particular special thanks to all the volunteers who have donated their time because of their passion for conservation and protecting our wildlife and refuges.

Mahalo nui loa!!!

As a parting message, I attach links to a couple of classic videos during my stay at Tern....

First Five Weeks at Tern (2012, by Abram Fleishman)  (a vimeo link)

Albatross Hammer Time (2011, by Dan Rapp)  (a youtube link)

and finally, a salute to TeamWork:

The Original Team Tern: a Well Oiled Machine

Above and beyond all of our hard work and efforts, thank you to all of the wildlife -- birds, seals, turtles, people, fish, invertebrates, and habitats marine and terrestrial.  Without you, our life would have no joy.



  1. You will never forget the priviledge of being one of the few people allowed to spent time on Tern Island. Good luck on your next adventure, may it be as rewarding.

  2. I wanted to say that Pete over on Midway posted about the Tern Island blog earlier this month and I came over here and read every entry! Extremely enjoyable and edjumacational.

    How are things been going on Tern Island since this last post? It would be terrific to have updates again. Regardless, keep up the great work!


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